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Meadows Realty and Construction Co., LLC

Final Inspection

  • This Contract is made BETWEEN the contractor whose address is 404 Ridgewood Avenue, Dundee, Fl. 33838.              Email: Website: (863) 287-5981, FL LIC # CBC1250530,referred to as the “Contractor,” AND the Property Owner(s) referred to as the “Owner.” If there is more than one Property Owner, the word “Owner” shall mean each Property Owner. 




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Scope of work is completed in a satisfactory manner, and I am satisfied with the renovation job. If owner defaults, issues a bad check, the Contractor is entitled for highest interest rate (18%) allowed by law in the State of Florida from date of completion, plus attorney fees, plus 25% to pay a collect agency to collect money owed, plus $500 fee to MRC.*

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