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I had my home Listed with a real estate agent recommended by a member of my church. It was listed for four months, few showings, but no one really interested in making an offer to buy my property. I cancelled my listing and listed it with Waymon. He had a cash offer the next day. Closed in 10 days. I left the closing smiling, in amazement; wondering, “how did Waymon do it?” 


I met with Waymon. We had been trying to sell the property for years. Waymon said, “I will sell this property!” He had a contract and closed the deal in two weeks. A


Waymon; We wanted to take a moment and provide a well-deserved and earned testimonial of you and your organization. The quality of the service and workmanship far exceeded our expectations! You are without a doubt a man of your word and integrity and such a pleasure to deal with someone who knows the business and the care and concern one faces when selecting a Builder. You turned out to be an exceptional choice for us! We highly recommend you to anyone seeking a quality, time sensitive, trusted and exceptional builder. Sincerely; Ted & Gail Roncalli

“Mr. Waymon, I want to thank you for all your time and energy in helping me to find a home. I am excited to have my home built and to be able to watch it go up from the ground level. I was very pleased in the way that you represented me, and you can be assured that I will recommend you to any and every one that is looking to purchase a new home, again thank you so much.” Torsha

I have nothing but praise for Mr. Meadows. He was extremely generous and kind in helping us get our home on the market, within a day of listing our property Mr. Meadows found the people who are purchasing our home. We are truly appreciative of his nonstop dedication to getting it sold for us. Thank you Waymon JP

I have known Waymon for approximately 40 years. I first met him when I worked at a local bank, where he was a very good customer. Some friends of mine recently listed their house for sale with Waymon and he had it sold and closed in less than a month. They had previously listed with another broker for 6 months with no results.

I own some rental property and recently decided to sell some of the apartments. I listed the property with Waymon and he had 2 offers in the first week, with other offers following. We now have a contract and a closing date set in a few days. I have other rentals that I plan to sell and I would not consider using any other broker. SP


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