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The Humble Beginnings of a Floridian Who Dreamed Big

About Waymon Meadows

At 86 Waymon is studying every day; designing ads, learning more about facebook and more...

His name is Waymon Ellis Meadows, friends call him W or Big W. A real estate broker and builder who has lived in Florida all his life.

In 1974, he started building single-family homes, designing, and developing communities: Spanish Haven, The Bluffs of Dundee, and other communities in Polk County, Florida. Building 100 homes at a time in Poinciana, Florida.

He continues to help buyers, sellers, and investors find great deals in the market.

He is ready to help you sell your home.

Call Waymon 863.287.5981 

A Floridian Through and Through

Waymon knows Polk County like the back of my hand. Born on Orange Street in Auburndale, raised on Plymouth Road.  Lives in Dundee for more than 40 years. Truth is, BigW knows every town and back roads in Polk County, from Alturas to Winter Haven.


A Licensed Real Estate Broker and Builder

If there’s one thing I have learned, over the decades, it’s that real estate is the excellent investment for anyone. 

It has always been my belief that real estate helps everyone, and some even get their own 

from-rags-to-riches story.

Consider him old at 85, but his extensive experience has helped him make wise decisions easily. From financing to closing statements, he can hold your hand from start to finish until you get what you want.

A True Public Servant

Taking a short break from being a businessman, BigW became Mayor of Dundee. During his tenure, the town was financially plush due to a conservative city manager and philosophy to “watch the pennies; the dollar will take care of themselves.”

Some achievements include negotiating the price of property for Polk County to build Dundee Ridge Middle School and East Polk Recreational complex. In addition, servingr seven years on the Polk County Board of Adjustment.

During his political career, he was always a winner, climbing high mountains to success.

As a young man setting a pole-vaulting record, which stood for 20 years, while in Auburndale High School. Scored three touchdowns in a football game.

A Faithful Servant of God

A Faithful Servant of God

Waymon I knows the impossible takes only a little more time and believes nothing is too hard for God. The word of God ask, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?”

As an Ordained Elder in the /restored Church he served a two-year mission, loving every minute in Oregon and Washington.

Tithes and offerings is an honor; a responsibility to help spread the Word; and help Bishops take care of the poor.

Growing a garden is a rewarding hobby. Riding a bike, taking delicious tomatoes, cucumbers, and other vegetables neighbors brings joy and contentment.

Also a way to get exercise for his 80 plus year old body.

A Loving Husband and Father

Currently, living in paradise blessed by God. Judi, his  wife, Jenny, one of my 10 children, planted 500 pine trees and 50 live oak trees years ago on our property. The trees are now 40-feet high.

Gardening and cooking healthy meals, starting plants from seed in a hot house, growing tomatoes, gourmet lettuce, marigolds, mustard and turnip greens, herbs, and more.. 


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