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I have known Waymon for approximately 40 years. I first met him when I worked at a local bank, where he was a very good customer. Some friends of mine recently listed their house for sale with Waymon and he had it sold and closed in less than a month. They had previously listed with another broker for 6 months with no results.

I own some rental property and recently decided to sell some of the apartments. I listed the property with Waymon and he had 2 offers in the first week, with other offers following. We now have a contract and a closing date set in a few days. I have other rentals that I plan to sell and I would not consider using any other broker. SP

Sid Porter


"Our company is a multifaceted business that operates with you, the customer, at the forefront of our day-to-day operations. We are well known and respected in the community and our philosophies are based on both honesty and integrity. As a client centered business, you will receive personal service and be backed by a reputable company.

We implement multi-level marketing strategies that benefit our clients with every transaction. Our real estate agents have extensive access to information about the communities in which they deal. This includes, but is not limited to schools, populations, recreation, entertainment, home values, growth potential and surrounding areas. Many agents live in the areas we serve and therefore can more accurately overcome potential obstacles and focus on the unique needs of our clients.

Our commercial division is well-equipped to provide today's growing number of real estate investors with opportunities for both income and commercial properties.

The real estate market is always changing and as a result, our agents regularly attend training sessions and events to further their knowledge and be sure that they are focusing on current conditions that affect today's buyers and sellers. This type of training is imperative if we are to be successful in obtaining top dollar in home sales. Our goal is to make sure that we satisfy the special needs of all of our clients and at the same time make the process and transactions go as smoothly as possible.

Our company is dedicated to maintaining a professional, trustworthy relationship with our clients. One way this can be seen is through this Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) which you hold in your hand. This CMA compiles the most current and accurate information relevant to the sale of your home. Seeing that this is perhaps your most valuable asset, it is imperative that you be equipped with the most complete information possible related to the pricing and marketing of your home."

“MRC Recommends a certified appraisal be done because “a CMA will never determine the value.  The appraisal value is used by lenders to establish the amount a buyer is approved for. The key difference is a CMA establishes a home's price, whereas an appraisal establishes its value—price is what you pay for something while value is what it is worth.

First Week Schedule time to shoot property photos. Enter listing into the MLS system. Put up "For Sale" yard sign, and signs leading to house. Install lock box Review showing procedure. Prepare property flyer. Syndicate listing to real estate websites.

Second Week Invite brokers and agents to tour home. Begin agent to agent marketing efforts. Review and update status.

Third Week Hold Open House.  Ongoing activities Show property to potential buyers. Follow-up on Internet leads. Monitor market conditions. Monitor comparable properties for sale.

If the phone is not ringing and realtors are not showing the house daily the problem is usually the price.

Waymon Meadows Realty and Construction Co., LLC Cell: 8632875981 | License Number BK707419


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