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Help Waymon and Your Friend 

Hi, how likely are you to recommend to family and friends 0 (not at all) to 10 (extremely likely?  

 Learn How Referrals Work and Help a Friend 

In the industry, realtors—at least the ethical ones—work together to help buyers and sellers achieve their goals.

Needless to say, when my friends and family need assistance in real estate, they come to me for help. I bend over backward when I could offer my expertise, but I also concede when the area is not my specialty. In other words, I refer them to realtors who know the area well.

Now perhaps you’re thinking I’m nuts for not grabbing the opportunity to earn a client. That’s just not how it works. Ideally.

But let me tell you something by sharing an encounter with an old friend.

I had this friend from high school who, much to my surprise, called me to send in the news that he and his wife were planning to buy a property in the north. They said they worked with another agent because they thought they had to hire someone from the area.

You might think I was pissed, but I was not. I realized he wasn’t aware of how referrals work in the industry.

Nonetheless, I really appreciated the gesture.

The thing is, as I told him, he could have called me first to seek my advice. Although I would have referred the same realtor (he’s the best in the area), we could have both benefitted from the referral.

So, dear friends and family, thank you for considering me whenever you or someone you know is in need of real estate expertise. You know I’ll always be downright honest with you: if I know the market well (meaning, if it’s in my service areas), I’m at your service.

However, if it’s outside my area of expertise, I’ll do my best to connect you with a realtor who has a proven track record in the area you’re eyeing—I have connections from across the world!

All the same, referrals are always appreciated. If you’re interested in any real estate-related transaction, call me at 863-287-5981. 


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Waymon Ellis Meadows, 

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