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Selling Price of Home will be determined by Comparative Market Analysis which tell you how much to list your home to sell quickly. You are presented the facts and you make the final decision of selling price.

Data Details of Home included in Comparative Market Analysis.

Waymon, Owner and Broker since 1974

Standard Listing fee is 3%, but for this special a discount of 2% is deducted from the listing fee and you pay only: 1% Listing fee

Waymon gives you Full Service, handling all details from showing your property, filling out contract and handling all details and closing.

Visit: to see website and details

Call Waymon 863 287 5981

You will save $ 4,000.00 listing fee on a $ 200,000.00 home.

🏠List Your Home 🏠Save $ 4000 on a $200k House 🏠Full Service only 1% Fee by MRC: 

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